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Monday, October 11, 2004

Wanted: Blogging Filipino Mommies

Nananawagan po! :) If you're a Pinay and a mom and maintains a blog and would be willing to be interviewed for an article about blogging for a national magazine, please email me at within this week. Kailangan ko kasi ng interviewees and saan pa ba ako dapat maghanap kundi dito sa cyberspace. Kaya please mga nanay, patulong naman o. I'll be asking you a few questions lang naman.

Thanks in advance! (Hay di ako maka-post ng malimit lately dahil lunod pa rin sa deadlines.)

1 comment:

lornadahl said...

Hi, got your url from PW. =)

I have informed my friends about this. One of them, though, is in Vietnam. Pwede kaya yun?

Best wishes for your article. =)

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